A pup, persistence, and a port-a-potty

Little Miss Tinkerbell was all ears tonight when I explained the rules for a big fundraising event for the local shelter that we’re participating in this weekend.

She’s been pretty much camped out for it in the backyard undergoing basic training the last few weeks, yet hasn’t exactly been my faithful lieutenant.

In fact, Tink’s actually been pretty vocal about it.

The neighbors’ dogs have all been observing and commenting.

And it seems that Tink finds them a whole lot more interesting than me.

So instead of executing the heel command perfectly while in leash training, my girl’s been prone to just sitting down on my big toes while batting those lovely lashes up at the other canines.

Still Tink has mastered one tiny trick very well.

She just learned how to find a zen moment while resting securely in my left arm each time we enter the port-a-potty at the park around the corner.

Tink picked up the skill in spite of that big deep, scary black hole that goes down who knows where?

By the way, and fortunately for me, I’m right handed.

When it comes to taking care of business, Tink and I have always looked out for each other.

And that’s a good thing when it comes to big events like the one this weekend with plenty of people and plenty of dogs on hand.

I’m thinking that Tink may just deserve a couple of gold stars for her efforts after all.

Daddy Long Legs

Still very much the pup, I’ve found there’s still some naughtiness with my chi/mix Rex.

Take last night, for example.

I heard my corgi Maddie let out a growl in the kitchen.

And that’s a pretty rare sound for her.

I then noticed the rawhide stick I’d just given Maddie was missing.

“Hey Rex, did you take it?” I asked.

Rex proceeded to prance around on those skinny stilt like legs and seemed to be shaking his head.

I though I’d try a different technique.

“Hey there Daddy Long Legs. Do you know what happens to dogs who don’t tell the truth? Their legs grow even longer. Kind of like Pinnochio and that nose thing.”

Rex looked confused.

But definitely concerned.

He then trotted off to his crate and slammed the door shut with his tiny teeth.

I believe the boy may be a lot smarter than I thought.