Little Mr. Innocent

My dog Rex and I were both taking a cat nap on the couch.

Or so I believed.

Until I heard a tapping sound.

Followed by a click.

And then another one.

Uh oh, I thought.

It seems Rex shares my little grandson’s love for technology.

Though Rex’s passion runs towards an iPad instead of a computer.

Which just happens to be on the coffee table by the couch much of the time.

I’d already caught Rex dancing on my Facebook screen where he managed to mess up my keyboard last week.

Then today he discovered something really new and exciting.

Prior to napping, I’d been busy deleting pictures off the iPad as my memory was so full I couldn’t take any more.

Evidentially I was successful.

While I was still sleeping away, Rex had peeled back my iPad cover with his tiny teeth, tapped down on the big button, and managed to take himself a couple of selfies.

I caught him in the act on the third.

But I’ve got to say the boy’s got some talent worth developing.

Just like my sweet little grandson.

Month of Gratitude: Day 12

I am grateful today for technology. As I key this post into the iPad on my lap, I’m amazed that I can snap a picture of the dogs at my feet and instantly email it to my daughter. I’m thrilled I can instantly share a poem with 600 others that I participate with in a creative group.

If I prefer to download a book to read on the bus this morning, I can do that too. (Though I still have a preference for paper).

And to be able to create this post at all, without banging on the keys of a typewriter, is a true gift.

Of course, that’s as long as the technology doesn’t go down.

Because if it does, instead of being grateful all of a sudden I get very cranky.