Any flip flop in a storm

Alrighty then.

So I figured the April Fool’s Day snow storm would be the last of it.

Until I woke up to a fresh foot of powder.

But hey, I have a lot to be thankful for this morning:

-The SUV who broke a trail for me on the roads.
-That I actually remembered to make the car payment on my all wheel drive Subaru.
-My good excuse for sliding through intersections.
-And that there weren’t any other drivers to notice.
-Or policemen either.
-That I still have one pair of boots that don’t leak.
-And I haven’t lost all of my mittens.
-It’s Friday instead of Monday.
-We’re listening to Christmas music again.
-The local ‘weather’ therapist on the TV station admits it’s healthy to complain.
-“Just a little, anyway.”
-She said she certainly is.
-That I remembered my pink flip flops for work.
-So I can put them in a vase.
-To remind my co-workers,
-Spring is on it’s way.


I just heard spring already came.

Must have missed the memo.