Never alone


I’d first noticed the flyers this morning before work.

“Lost Dog,” they announced.

Tonight, one was in my mailbox.

I read the words ‘shy’ and ‘timid’, bringing memories of several ‘flight risk’ females I’ve fostered.

And my own sweet corgi, Mariah.

Lost once herself in cornfields for days, after taking off one night in a thunderstorm.

“Even if just sighted, please call!” pleads the writer.

Love and concern, so real.

Maybe the Shiba Inu belongs to a young, red headed boy.

Or a graying grandma like myself.

Whoever it is, they clearly miss that dog.

Though its been a long day, I know the canine crew here would perk up if we did something for someone else.

One kindred spirit in need.

So off we go.

Besides, my clan has a nose for hunting down and making fast friends.


Alpha lessons

My dog Tuck much prefers people chairs to dog beds.

Yesterday while waiting for the vet, he jumped right up on their overstuffed chair and settled in.

Beating me once again for my preferred spot.

And he looked poised as ever to grab the new “People” magazine I was eyeing.

Tuck just loves looking at photos of starlets and their sweet shih tsus.

For a little guy, he’s got one commanding presence as he sashays into a room.

And it shouts, “Give me a treat!”


With a “please” thrown in as an afterthought.

Now I’m more the quiet type and typically cower towards the back of a room upon entering.

But maybe this old man can still teach me some new tricks.

Like how to be an alpha dog in five easy lessons.

I’m even offering to pay up in jerky, if he’s willing.

And I think he is.

He just jumped up on my lap when I read him back this post.

One good morning

Tucker the terrier was downright cranky this morning, refusing to accept the reality of the first snowfall of the season.

He sulked, then took solace on the weathered garden bench in front of him. Maddie the corgi jumped up to comfort him.

“Buck up little buddy, ” I told him. “Sniff the the fresh air. Look at that beautiful white blanket on the pines! Now get a move on. I’ve got to go earn some dog food.”

Maddie had a idea. She jumped down in the white fluffy stuff and proceeded to make snow angels.
Tucker soon followed suit until they both tired.

As I left the house, they’d settled into naps on the love seat.

And I managed to skate off to work without spinning out.

I call that one good morning.