Strut your stuff

Performing that peacock strut proudly, one rolling stone still gathers no moss.

Though Mick Jagger did pick up many new fans this week when he rolled through Minnesota.

No wonder so many want to ‘move like Jagger’.

Mick’s turning 72 next month, but nobody here’s calling this bird old.

Mr. Jumping Jack Flash kept leaping like a lizard on stage for the 50,000 folks before him Wednesday night.

Now I wasn’t much of a Mick fan as a kid, but my admiration has been growing every year.

When he was last in Minnesota 10 years ago, my late husband mentioned “well that’s the last time we’ll see him” due to Mick’s senior status.

Obviously he was wrong.

I’ve been thinking this week that Mick has really nailed down the art of aging.

So what exactly are the lessons this rock star legend has learned?

I’ve taken my own leap for Mick, and put together a list since he’s so busy with his tour:

1. BE OPEN TO CHANGE: The first time Mick was here in 1964, legend has it that he and the Stones performed to an audience of less than 300. Mick was heard to say he was never coming to Minnesota again. Yet he has several times, and this trip stayed three days.

2. EAT FISH, BUT THAT OCCASIONAL STEAK MAY BE GOOD FOR THE SOUL: Or so says the steakhouse where he’s rumored to have visited three times this week.

3. SING, SWAGGER, AND STRUT YOUR STUFF: Helps with the self image and shaking off that senior label. And your stress melts as well.

4. KEEP THOSE OLD FRIENDSHIPS ALIVE: Though Mick and the boys in the band haven’t always gotten along, a strong bond is still there decades later.

5. DEVELOP NEW INTERESTS AND HOBBIES: Mick is mighty fond of museums and is passionate about furniture and folk art. (Who would have guessed?)

6. BE GENEROUS: While here Mick spent over an hour buying gifts for his buddies at the local antiquarian bookstore.

7. KEEP MAKING NEW FRIENDS: He made many while here except for the dog at the bookstore. Apparently some canines are not easily impressed.

8. KEEP CELEBRATING YOUR LIFE WITH MUSIC: Stones drummer Charlie Watts was serenaded with a rendition of “Ruby Tuesday” for his 74th birthday at a local jazz club the night before their Wednesday performance.

9. ACCEPT THAT GRIEF IS PART OF OUR JOURNEY IN THIS WORLD: Mick suffered a tragic loss last year when his girlfriend of 10 years passed away but appears to be moving forward.

10. DANCE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT: Research is proving that it truly does.

As for me I’m sure I’ll never move quite like Jagger, but I’m still planning to strut my stuff.

And with Mick as my role model, I’m likely to be one very proud peacock.

Animal of a different feather

As I work to create a new life after the recent death of my husband, I announced to a friend I should be more like a lion.

“Maybe I’ll leap into my new world and roar,” I mumbled.

But she had a different idea.

She quickly pointed out that I’d been ‘chameleon like’ the last few years.

Much like the sea dragon here in the picture, hiding out in the weeds.

My caregiving role has in fact kept me in the background, busily preparing myself to adapt to constantly changing challenges, and the occasional crisis.

She suggested I choose instead to be like a peacock.

Proudly strutting forward and showing off my bright feathers.

I kind of like that.

But it’s going to take some practice before I’m ready to display my own full fan.

Though I did put a peacock feather in a vase on my desk at work last week.

I’m thinking that just might count as a first step.