Tears of joy

Comedians don’t normally make me cry, but one did this morning.

Grabbing my first cup of coffee I heard some tough words coming from the TV.

“My dad had left his body”.

I knew the speaker had to be talking about Alzheimer’s.

I walked over and turned up the volume.

It was an interview with comedian Mike Myers in a “CBS Sunday Morning” news segment.

Mike was in tears after uttering the phrase.

It seems his dad never had a chance to see his son’s TV success in “Saturday Night Live” or in films.

That comment brought me a few tears of sadness.

But they were also mixed with many tears of joy.

You see Mike and the “Austin Powers” movie series were a staple for creating laughter in my house for years.

My husband and daughter would replay the movies weekly.

And they’d laugh at the same gags, no matter how many times they’d heard them before.

If I ever wanted to kick them out of the kitchen while cooking, all I’d have to do is start one of the movies in another room.

Then the guffaws would begin again until tears flowed down their cheeks.

With my daughter joining us from Russia at age 12, she didn’t have a lot of time with her dad before his own dementia settled in.

So watching those shared expressions of joy and hearing that rip roaring laughter were special gifts I’ll never forget.

Or those really bad ‘Dr. Evil’ imitations they did either.

So Mike, if you see this, thanks for the memories.

And on behalf of my husband, thanks for all the joy and laughter you brought to one dad and his loving daughter.