Looking up at the clouds yesterday morning, at first I saw a wishbone.

But from the camera’s view, I now see feathers.

And a late autumn sky.

Returning from a friend’s turkey farm, I was driving by the old Catholic Church in town.

I soon saw three heads staring up at me from the back of a rusty Ford Truck, while I brushed off white feathers from my jacket.

Taking a second glance, I recognized the heads as those of the shiny and smiling plastic wise men back for the annual nativity display.

Apparently the church is getting a head start.

I watched as volunteers placed a huge holly covered sign in the front yard for the annual Christmas Bazaar, too.

But soon I was interrupted by the loud jingle bell ring tone of a phone.

That was my wake up call.

I found myself driving home much faster than normal.

Just in case temps would suddenly drop 40 degrees and it started to snow.

I’m thinking I should save next month’s turkey’s wishbone to put under my feather pillow.

That’ll ensure my dreams of a mild and short winter come true.