Forever young at heart

Is that a look of fear or excitement?

I wasn’t sure as I secured my corgi Maddie into a dog stroller for the first time yesterday.

Maddie’s an old girl.

She’s fourteen now, and without the strength to travel on any of her four legs.

Yet she’s a happy girl, and had been very curious about the big birthday present sitting before her.

She didn’t care that it was gently used and came from the local shelter. The sale proceeds will be going back to help other canines.

Once safely in place, Maddie and I skated down the driveway and started rolling along our city sidewalks.

Her eyes grew big as she lifted, then turned her head from side to side, checking out the views thru the mesh panel in the back of the stroller as we moved.

Her nose soon shot up in the air as she detected the first grilling hamburgers of the season sizzling over by the park.

She watched the local teens on their shiny skateboards whizzing by in the sunshine shouting, “Hey look, there’s a corgi doing wheelies!”

Her soft ears perked up once she heard rock music coming from a vintage red corvette sailing down the street.

She greeted a few neighbors, and then we traveled over to the creek for our first picnic of the season.

We shared some baby carrots together as a bunny hopped by from behind a patch of daffodils.

I’m sure I saw Maddie smile.

As I gave her the last carrot, Maddie licked my hand.

Then I smiled, thinking she may be old but Maddie is still so very young at heart.


Our morning light

It’s dark and misty gray outside my window, with a November sky beyond.

Except it’s only September.

As I struggle to open my eyes, I find I’m unable to see the clock due to this heavy drape of morning gloom.

I’m guessing it’s somewhere between 3am and 9am as Maddie, as my lame senior corgi, continues to converse with me through gentle, muffled barks from the kitchen.

My other two pups continue to sleep and snore, until they hear me open the squeaky gate to the kitchen where Maddie looks up to greet me with a smile.

She’s comfortably centered on her dog bed anticipating a visit to the backyard
and her first bite of today’s kibble.

Terrier Tuck, and Rex, my renegade chihuahua, slowly trot their way in to join us.

I turn on the light and discover it’s 6:30. It’s time for all of us to get a move on, and for me to get ready for work.

After a spin around the yard, we return to the kitchen where I watch Maddie devour her morning meal with gusto. Tuck and Rex soon follow her lead.

I note what a happy girl is Maddie, be her hopping around the grass with her remaining two good legs or enjoying that breakfast.

It’s as if Maddie has a message for us all: “Savor each gift, and every moment.”

Maddie then licks her mouth after the last bite and returns to the middle of her checkered dog bed for a nap and a snoring session.

I smile with admiration as I look down at her, thinking how she keeps us all centered.

And how she brings such light every day to our lives.

Though simple gifts, what special ones both truly are.