Autumn bliss

Find your autumn bliss.
With warmth and love, you can’t miss.
Smell that pumpkin pie?


Gratitude’s in bloom

So what, if it’s cold?
Autumn’s gifts still bring a lift.
Gratitude’s in bloom.


Simple gifts of fall

Simple gifts are best.
One shade tree, lake views for free.
Think I’ll sit and smile.


Another gift

Today’s another gift.
Mother Nature paints the sky.
My view’s brushed with joy.


Autumn gold

Autumn gifts so grand.
Golden trees, the lakes we see.
I stand still in awe.


Views for free

It’s not Italy’s Amalfi Coast, or California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

The flyover state of Minnesota is my home.

I rarely travel anymore.

And I’m not a wealthy woman.

Yet maybe I am.

My rusty Subaru and I hit the roads early yesterday at 5:30 a.m.

We had a 7:00 appointment with the morning sunrise just across the border in Wisconsin.

And we made it just in time.

My just reward was a warm slice of spinach quiche from a nearby bakery, with sugary Swedish donuts laced with cardamon for dessert.

As to the Subaru, it was treated to a fresh quart of oil at the gas station.

Opening the car door, I noticed I still had plenty of coins left in my pocket for the drive back.

It seems the best things in life are still free.

Well, almost anyway.