Stepping forward, stepping back

Sometimes to move forward you need to step back.

And I did so yesterday.

Buried on my bucket list was a visit to see some old friends.

Though technically these fellows may be ‘new’ friends.

They’re an ever graceful group of giraffes.

Standing tall and proud.

Likely descendants of animals I once knew at this small city zoo.

Dear Dad would take us there on trips when we were small.

He loved them almost as much as my sister and me.

And that’s more years ago than I choose to calculate.

Back then we’d offer salted peanuts from our tiny outstretched hands to the giraffes.

A sweet, loving gesture rarely allowed anymore.

But that’s OK.

Yesterday my friends greeted me again warmly.

Then strutted over for conversation.

Just like always.

If Dad was still with us, we’d be celebrating his birthday on Friday.

My sister and I are planning on getting together.

I’ll be suggesting another walk through the zoo.

But this time we’ll be eating the bags of salted peanuts ourselves.

And raising tall lemonades in a toast to Dad.

As well as our elegant old and new friends.