Just friends

“What can I do? She seems so blue.”
My pup asked with his eyes.

“Perhaps she’s cold, as now she’s old.”
I told him, but he’s wise.

My boy had gone to his girl’s side,
warming her heart and soul.

He gave his love his best rawhide,
placing it by her bowl.

Mom was always right

So here’s the deal.

Mom used to tell me when I was a teenager that every year of life goes faster than the one before it.

“Go for the gusto,” she recommended. “And always give thanks for those around you”.

At the time my pimply, adolescent self mumbled the 70’s version of “whatever”.

But I now know Mom was right.

Pretty much like always.

Last week my sister mailed me at least a 40 year old photo of Mom and her three smiling best friends enjoying each other and the beach with their kids.

But two of the women recently passed on, and so now has Mom.

Then yesterday I had a November birthday brunch with two of my own long time buddies.

One of them kindly penned an appreciate note in my birthday card referencing our own “40 years of friendship”.

“Wow! How the heck did that happen?” I mumbled.

The thought of 40 years of friendship hit me harder than the impressively large milestone birthday number I’m about to get slapped with.

I’m sure we were just children ourselves four years ago, not forty.

But trudging slowly back to my car I shouted, “How cool is that?”

What an incredible gift to have life long friendships.

And what a blessing to be able to tell those in your life how special they are while they’re still here.

Like Mom’s remaining best friend I’ll be calling shortly.

That will be right after I add two more suggestions from my friends for next year’s ‘go for the gusto’ bucket list.

I know Mom would definitely approve.

Dancing on the path

Just so you know this post is not about the “G” word.

Even though I’ve had much advice on the subject since my husband passed away in December.

Well intentioned comments such as, “Hey, you might want to take a happy pill. My cousin did after her spouse passed away”.

“Thanks. Much appreciated,” I respond, gritting my teeth.

A good yoga class is my pill of choice.

Or another one of my favorites, “I’m concerned that you’re wearing black all of the time”.

“Haven’t you noticed I’ve been wearing black for decades?” I mutter to myself later when I’m alone.

And I really love the color black because:
1) It doesn’t show dirt.
2) When your rushing for the bus, you don’t need coffee to match up a black top with black pants.
3) And my favorite reason, black’s supposed to make you look slim.

So why would I ever change?

Except that black attracts corgi hair (which sticks like super glue).

And I have two corgis.

Anyway, the advice I’ve actually been seeking from friends relates to my ’50 by 60′ bucket list.

They’ve been great idea people for additional items to add.

I also scribbled down a few more of my own this week:
-Fly fishing
-Hanging with cowboys and cowgirls at a rodeo.

Two activities that have always intrigued me.

Maybe because there’s beauty in motion?

Or I just read two many stories as a kid.

When I met with friends yesterday, they were even more enthusiastic than me when I brought these latest ideas up.

And they also offered up two of their own.

Mountain climbing in Peru, and crazy as it sounds, square dancing.

Now Peru won’t fit into my peanut butter budget this year, but I’ll definitely encourage them to go.

As to square dancing?

Sure! Why not?

I haven’t ‘dosey doe-d’ since I was seven in gym class.

In fact, I’m going tonight.

So as I sign off to get ready, I’m thinking maybe this post was about a “G” word after all.


I’m thankful I have friends who truly care.

And I’m so grateful for having a new path in life to dance.