Walk a country mile

The ice around here has been cruel, but not the winter.

Yet both have taken a hiatus, at least for now.

Since its been a long while, I thought I’d walk a country mile.

My hunger for the smells, sights, and sounds of a rural spring were making me weak this morning.

And though our February thaw’s only a tease, I’ll take it.

I found myself leaving behind tax files on the kitchen table to deal with another day.

That day’s already penciled in for Saturday, when the snow and bitter cold’s expected to return.

After all, we know old man winter’s never been a pushover.

Shall we walk?

Shall we will walk a country mile?

Seeing forests for the trees.

Finding views not sought before.

Breathing air down to our core.

Blooming love deep in our hearts.

Burying hate, the hardest part.

Feeding peace so deep within.

Loving all will never be a sin.