Magical muses

Life is a series of lessons. And some of my best have been taught by my dogs.

Most recently my handsome man Rex was busy tutoring me while I was teaching him the basic skills of sit, stay, and down.

Just a few months before, Rex had been a painfully shy boy who would cower in the corner of of his cage in fear.

Not a great profile when you’re trying to get adopted.

Still by the time we first met, he’d had enough special coaching to convince me I didn’t need that sleepy southern gentleman snoring away in the next cage in my life.

Instead I needed this transposed spicy young spitfire before me who made great eye contact, kissed my hand, and jumped into my lap.

Watching my once shy guy play tag today with a three year old, while snuggling with the boy’s father, and adorning his mother with loving pecks on the cheek was magical.

And that’s the same magic this young pup’s been creating for me.

It seems I’ve finally learned I’m never too old to change.

Or even to enjoy a little fairy dust in my own life.

“Dogs are the magicians of the universe,” once wrote Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Oh what smart and lucky creatures they are.

And how blessed are we to have them as part of our lives.