Change is in the air

What do you do when you’ve just heard your first Christmas commercial, though it’s only mid September?

You shake your head while acknowledging the seasons really are about to change.

I felt it this week in 90 degree temps as I sat on the beach watching green leaves transform to bright gold on the tree before me.

I suddenly found myself hungering for one more Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae before the stand closes up for the season.

And I started to linger even longer watching every last minute of each brilliant sunset.

It seems sunsets this time of year may just be even sweeter than ice cream.

Oh to linger longer….

With talk of snow in the forecast, I linger longer in town while running errands this day.

I admire shining red ornaments on the tree in front of the old bank building.

One glorious gift from Mother Nature.

I watch Christmas lights being hung on the oversized evergreen standing watch next to the train depot.

I turn to the sandy beach behind me and see just two adirondack chairs remain now for those who wait out the storm.

I take one.

I won’t surrender to winter until the last chair is gone.

Or the lake freezes over.

Please note, I can be very patient.


Swan song

This sky is blue,
No clouds in view.
Our wind is calm,
Yet fuels the sailboat beyond.

I sit on the docks.
Removing work shoes, gray socks,
Then my moth eaten sweater.
Curled toes just skirting cool waters below.

With autumn’s embrace, now warming bare arms.
And, too, one weary old soul.
Eyelids grow heavy, surrendering to peace.
Waves playing, our season’s last song.