With the dark around here from lack of electricity, I became even more behind on paperwork for my husband, Richard. Just trying to function day to day, papers didn’t end up where they should have. I know what I will be doing the next few nights.

But there is one envelope I needed to review that I did find tonight. It relates to a care conference next week for my husband, Richard. I have been through many conferences the last few years with Dad’s Alzheimer’s, Mom’s dementia and now with Richard’s dementia. I find them difficult as I’m never going to hear the news I really want from the nurse or doctor. I’ll never hear the statement proclaiming, “He’s really bounced back from that bout with Alzheimer’s!”

End of life discussions often come up In the conferences, too. Never an easy subject to talk about, even when wishes were clearly documented years before.

However, somewhere in the conversation I expect to hear that Richard is still gentle and still getting along with others.

With that, I will find some peace. At least for now.