We may fade, but our gifts still remain

Aging gracefully’s my goal.

Yet aging gracefully doesn’t come easily.

Take yesterday, for example.

I was limping across my little backyard to water my two small flower beds.

But I was also wilting in the 95 degree heat.

I felt old and overrun with a bum heel, bulging bunions, and bad crooked toes.

The humidity wasn’t helping any either.

As I lifted my tired green hose over the blooming yellow day lilies, I finally felt my mood lift some.

They were speaking to me in a way.

It was as if they were whispering, “If today you can’t bloom, there’s always tomorrow.”

I smiled and took a quick picture of my new best buds.

Then moving on to water my zinnias in the other bed, I noticed one lonely purple bloom to the side who looked a bit spent.

She’d seen better days and had obviously lost her luster.

Or so I thought.

Suddenly a young Monarch butterfly stopped by her petals for a visit.

He clearly saw her value here on earth and honored the gifts she still had to give. Fluttering his orange wings for a while he slowly sipped her nectar.

I took another picture.

This morning after a good night’s sleep, I find myself blooming once again.

The air is fresh and much cooler.

I’ve already bandaged up my bum heel, bunions, and bad toes.

And now I’m ready for my six mile nature walk.

With a camera and notebook tucked in my backpack, I need to get going.

I may not be young, but I still have many gifts to share as well.