Namaste Greta!

When I told Grandma Greta we were riding in to town with a friend, she thought surely I meant in the car.

And that we’d stop at the Golden Arches.

Greta was wrong on both counts.

What I had in mind was peddling a bicycle built for two with 5 pounds of a chi/doxie resting in the front carrier.

Greta was clearly annoyed.

Even more so as we headed over to the dock for a free yoga class at the art festival.

“What’s this ‘downward dog’ business?” Greta snapped from a shady vista underneath the oak tree.
“Why are you people hanging upside down?”

“Greta, calm down,” I replied, without any luck.

Our old girl snarled, adding, “Hey, a ‘downward dog’ should be snuggling deep into a dog bed with a blanket over your head”.

“Now that’s the way to chill”.

Greta looked up at me, showing off her tiny toothy grin.

But only for a moment.

Suddenly the half dachshund caught a whiff of the grilling hot dogs from the stand around the corner.

Greta immediately burrowed herself back into the carrier, hiding out from the grill chef.

I thought it best we go back home, peddling fast.

Once in the house, I returned Greta to her dog bed placing the baby blue blanket over her head.

“Namaste, Greta,” I told her.

“Whatever,” she replied.

Maybe Greta still thinks she’s a teenager.

Day of ‘health’, sort of…

I decided to take a vacation ‘health’ day off work and was feeling mighty proud of myself this morning.

I’d risen early, slapped on SPF 50 sunblock and left for a long climb up rolling country hills.

I kept a steady pace, only stopping occasionally to take a few pictures.

I’ve been working hard on taking better care of myself.

Like getting more exercise.

Taking vitamins consistently.

Wearing more sunblock.

And eating healthier.

Later I walked again, but this time down by the beach.

I wore a new wide brimmed gardening hat to protect my face from the nasty UV rays.

I even de-stressed at a yoga class in the afternoon, and burned a few calories in the process.

But walking out the studio door, I found myself a little light headed from the humidity and no lunch.

So I allowed myself to buy just one little chocolate truffle at the corner store.

“Just so I don’t pass out,” I told myself.

“I’ll make it up with my big kale salad at dinner,” I muttered to the clerk as I paid.

She gave me a smile, with maybe just a hint of sarcasm.

I drove on to the grocery stock with a healthy food list to re-stock my shelves.

And I was happy that I stuck to that list while shopping.

But walking out of the grocery, I caught the whiff of a familiar and sinful summer scent.

It was coming from a big blazing grill.

Soon it was teasing all of my senses.

And that grill was overloaded with sizzling pork chops, king size hot dogs, and plump and sassy brats.

I immediately found myself first in line for the brat, chips, and pop meal deal.

Then I even asked for a second bag of chips.


My favorite.

Getting back in the car I rested my sauerkraut laden brat in the cup holder, wolfing it down as I drove back home.

I was in pure brat bliss.

But once home unloading groceries, I noticed the lonely purple yoga mat in the back seat.

It seems I’d failed once again.

Well, so much for this ‘health’ day.

So maybe that nitrates stuffed piece of casing has taken one day off my life.

Not to mention the pop and chips.

But at least I’d forgot the second bag of ripples back at the food stand.

And the grill event was a fundraiser.

So I’m thinking tomorrow will be another day, and a fresh start.

At least I can hope.

Yoga dog

Two emergency plumber visits, water in the basement, endless days of rain, and a sinus infection.

Then a couple of hours ago, I shattered a tooth.

On a cough drop.

Life happens.

Yet I did take it as a sign I should go straight home after work to rest, and hang out with the dogs.

I find that just looking at my corgi Mariah, in her own style of a yoga pose, relaxes me.

This sweet girl was once terrified of everyone and everything.

Disappearing into corn fields for days after hearing loud noises.

But she’s now taught herself how to remain calm and find peace on a couch.

Maybe she’ll give me a free lesson.