Lessons from the lambs

I tend to think too much, and worry even more.

When that happens, I hit the high road.

Yesterday they were gravel, and out in the country.

After Friday’s delicate display of ten inch snowflakes, a radiant sun had returned.

Much like time-lapse photography, the changing landscape before me kept pace with each up tick in the temperature.

Yellow overtones in the grass suddenly surrendered to a brilliant emerald.

Forsythia buds burst bright one by one at high noon.

I decided to stop and visit a local farm to see their newborn lambs.

Sitting down on the hay next to the mother and her babies, I found what I needed this day.

It was a gentle reminder right in front of me to keep looking up, and to smile more.

And I did just that while swallows danced figure eights and cardinals sang serenades as they escorted me back to the main road.

I was traveling much lighter now.

My worries were left floating on a breeze in that old red barn.