Hunkering down for the season

Leaving work tonight I felt my feet slide on the sidewalk. I heard tires spinning on ice in the intersections. Before getting off the bus, the driver warned me to drive carefully the rest of the way home proclaiming, “Those roads are mighty slick.”

I knew we were long overdue for the first tough commute of the season. But I was actually glad it finally arrived. A practice session or two is always good thing before the first major storm hits.

And now I believe I’m ready for Mother Nature, in full winter dress.

Canadian boots, with soles like tire tread, will cover my ragg wool clad feet in the morning. The tartan plaid cap with ear flaps, and double lined mittens are right by the door. So is the down parka.

My furnace and car have been checked. I’ve got extra coffee, canned goods, and treats stored for the dogs.

And this year I picked up a new supply for my shelf of storm provisions. Popcorn and 10 VCR tapes I purchased for $1.50 last weekend. I’ll play them in my old machine when my eyes tire from reading.

Yoga, comedy, drama. I’ve got enough for at least a couple of blizzards.

Once I’m done viewing them all, I’ll donate the movies to charity.

And maybe that will act as my first sign of the spring to follow my long winter ahead.