Violins and Vivaldi


The old violin shop is hidden in a narrow alley, right behind the nail salon and the wig store with pink and green hair in the window. I’ve loved this 100 year brick beauty since I was a kid.

I’d walk by on sleepovers in the city with Grandma Hazel. Then share my disdain on the misspelling of the word

She finally set this first grade spelling nerd straight, while telling me about the proprietor Mr. Dahl and the beauty of his beloved instrument.

I returned today in the heat and humidity, standing next to the garbage dumpster to take a picture. I didn’t mind as I was thrilled to see the building was still sound. I wanted to enter the weathered wooden door and travel to the attic to see what musical treasures I’d find. Strings, bows, music stands? I hear the sweet sounds of Vivaldi in the halls already.

I’d assumed the building was vacant, but thought I saw one light on this morning. I discovered tonight it’s still in business. Next time I’m opening that door and staying a while. I’m never too old to take up the violin. Am I?