The 2.9 pound turkey

Once there was a dog,
who thought she was a cat.

She gobbled all the kitty food.
She wanted to get fat.

“Don’t stuff yourself, dear little one,”
I told my butterball.

“A vet barked ‘be lean,’ when you were last seen.
No whining. That is all!”

The corgi sleeps tonight

Here’s to the vet,
Who works very late,
Because its been days,
Since my dog really ate.

Will he track down an answer?
I know that’s his plan.
Our doc always does his best,
And everything he can.

For now my corgi’s resting,
Near a pug who’ll act as guard.
The pooch will sing her lullabies.
And barked, “It isn’t hard!”

So tonight my girl has angels,
Who are watching over her.
I’ll only ask for one more thing,
Can someone scratch that fur?