Not a creature was stirring?

Dave and I go way back.

David Letterman I mean.

So I’m feeling guilty tonight that I never mailed him the thank you note I wrote several decades ago.

Especially now that he’s retired from “Late Night”.

But my note is probably not for the reason you think.

Sure, I’ve been a fan of Dave’s humor and his years on late night tv for a long time.

But my story goes back to right after college and something that I didn’t think was funny at the time.

I was living in an old three story rental property on a block that didn’t quite look like the neighbors. We were the house with the ballroom sized living room that was known for indoor figure eight bike races during below zero weekends.

Minnesotans do like to stay active in the winter months.

Anyway, the home was occupied with a collection of dusty, old barber chairs and cobwebs on the third floor, twenty something renters on the second, and me on the first.

I was particularly excited one November day to graduate from the tiny, former servant’s quarters on first floor to the extra large and warmer bedroom upstairs.

But my excitement was short lived.

One night after the move I heard a excited chorus of mice in the wall between my bed and the walk in closet.

It began just as I turned Letterman on.

I tried turning the volume up to drown out the noise but the mice just turned theirs up as well.

And it seemed that excitement was growing with every new joke of Dave’s.

It quickly became its own nightly routine.

I noticed whenever Dave had an extra good audience with a great looking starlet on stage, it would start to sound like a freshman frat party in those walls.

Once I started a new job with early morning hours I knew I couldn’t stay up late to watch the full Letterman show every weeknight.

But I had an idea.

I wheeled the tv cart into the closet, put the tv screen right next to the wall, and turned the volume up full blast.

Then I closed the closet door.

I slept like a happy baby, and did every night thereafter.

And I’m sure the mice were pretty happy themselves.

So if you read this Dave, thanks for inspiring my own stupid pet trick.

I know the mice were honored to be a part of it.

The raucous sound of laughter beats the snapping sound of a mousetrap any old day.

Or night for that matter.