Tink, Tuck, a Trick and a Treat

It was supposed to be my chihuahua Tinkerbelle’s costume.

A pretty tutu it was, bought second hand from the rescue group for Tink’s very first Halloween.

But Tink was terrified and absolutely refused to wear it.

Sometime on Halloween night my terrier Tucker found that tutu on the dining room table, and thinking it was some kind of a tasty treat pulled it right down on the rug.

Once I turned on the lights in the morning, I jumped.

I saw Tuck had learned a very spooky new trick.

Somehow he’d managed to get the tutu up on his head just like a crown.

Now Tuck’s a senior and has never been fond of Halloween. Typically he’d hide under the couch shaking his fears away until the last of the door knocking ghosts and goblins were gone.

But I guess you can always change, no matter if you’re young or old.

And looking at Tuck’s face I believe that my old boy is mighty proud of himself, just as he should be.


Tenacity, Terriers, and my dog Tucker

My terrier Tucker is tenacious in getting what he wants.

He’s also territorial.

Take this morning for example.

The canine clan and I were enjoying the cool morning breeze on the porch when I went into the kitchen to grab a refill of coffee.

I first stopped to move a few magnets on the refrigerator to accommodate my latest art acquisition.

It’s a cheery brightly colored portrait of a brown pup created by a little six year old friend of mine.

I’d left it on my writing desk out on the porch.

When I returned there with my coffee, I saw Tuck had grabbed my blanket and the new picture was up on the loveseat next to him.

Maybe the breeze had carried the art over in his direction.

Though my eleven year senior boy is still quite an athlete and counter surfs with the best of then.

When I tried to take away the picture, Tuck let our a gentle, guttural growl.

“All right, you can keep it for now but don’t let it get dog eared,” I told him. “And I get the blanket.”

I took his snoring as an acceptance of my compromise.

And soon this senior was softly snoring away as well.

Do Ewoks snore?

I admit I’ve never been a big Star Wars fan, but I agree that my pup Rex could be part Ewok.

I often get stopped when Rex and I are out walking.

“Hey, love that boy’s Mohawk,” one smiling man told us today as we jogged towards the lake adding, “but what exactly is he, anyway?”

“A bit of chihuahua mixed with who knows what, though Ewok or terrier have been suggested,” I answered.

The man soon confessed that he’d seen all the Star Wars movies and was confident my little handsome man clearly had to be an Ewok mix.

I do know that Ewoks tend to be hunter-gatherers and like simple dwellings.

And I’ve learned my Rex LOVES to hunt for flies, gather squeaky toys, and stockpile all in his simple crate.

I’ve also heard that Ewoks are very curious types.

Today my ‘Curious Rex’ was dragging me by the leash all around the 3 mile lake, the big blooming rose garden, and to all his favorite stands at the local Farmer’s Market.

He sure loved those free samples.

Tonight Rex is very tired.

He is snuggling on my lap just like a little cuddly teddy bear.

Did I mention that Ewoks resemble cuddly teddy bears?

Except my Ewok has now fallen asleep and is starting to snore.