It’s a big night for the cats

In spite of the sweat factor they’re expecting big crowds at the Grandstand tonight for the annual Cat Video Festival at the State Fair. Once held in the big contemporary art museum in town, they needed a bigger venue for the growing catnip crowd. I guess there’s nothing quite like two hours of videos of cute kitties curled up in cartons and under covers. It was the topic of conversation at the coffee machine this morning as co-workers busily swapped cute cat pics from cells as they filled their Hello Kitty cups. I stepped back, hiding my Corgi mug.

I knew this was going to be really big stuff. I had already witnessed chaos for the cuddly cat club earlier today as they boarded wrong busses with the suit and tie crowd at the transit center out in the burbs. The Birkenstocks were a tell take sign.

I helped herd graying grandmas and grandkids, and middle aged mates in matched Minnesota tees
over to the official State Fair Express.

Many were talking about stopping for milk shake cocktails before the big show in the cool of the dairy barn. Some will fill a bottle for meowing ‘illegals’ snuck in. They’ll also witness the sculpting of butter art portraying a member of our fair royalty, the dairy princess.

But rumor has it next year that sculpture may be a tabby. Cats are the ones who ultimately rule in these parts.