Lets go crazy!

Yesterday Mother Nature stripped the lake clean, neatly folding up the last sheets of ice from winter.

This morning an assortment of sun worshipers suddenly assembled on the beach, each admiring the annual return of sparkling blue waters just beyond.

As our faces warmed, I noticed our smiles did as well.

Suddenly I found myself softly singing an old Prince tune, adding my own seasonal twist.

“Dearly beloved
We’re gathered here today
To celebrate this thing called ‘spring’.”

As a fellow Minnesotan, I think the royal highness would have honored our passion.

Turning to leave while the sun continued to rise, I shouted a quick “lets go crazy,” to the crowd.

And they did, each springing into a shiny motor boat, then speeding off into the distance.

All as happy as clams.

Winter’s unraveling

Convertibles go topless.

Old thick coats now an afterthought.

Hardy ice fisherfolk retreat to shore.

As kids clad in shorts shout, “No more!”

Then golf clubs appear as fast as the bikes.

As those cows in the country moo with glee.

Does that manure thawing smell seem almost ‘sweet’?

Or has spring fever now come over me?