Peace, purpose, and a couple of pups

While staying on a peaceful farm this weekend, I discovered a new purpose for our dogs.

Or at least one of them.

I decided to call the pup Buddy, as I didn’t know his name.

The owner was busy working, so Buddy stepped right in as the perfect host.

He greeted me with excitement as I drove up the rocky road to the farmhouse then proudly started to show me around the place.

Buddy led me through the fields of corn and soybeans, over to the horses, and then to the vineyards just beyond.

Afterwards, he jumped right into my Subaru ready to give directions through the rolling hills towards the bakery in town to pick up carrot ginger muffins and lavender cookies.

At 70 pounds, Buddy’s 23 times as big as my tiny chi Junie B. who joined me on the trip.

But city girl Junie wasn’t afraid and appeared quite impressed by Buddy’s friendly demeanor, hosting skills, and his life as a farm dog.

I’m thinking she might like to learn to be a farm dog, and hostess, as well.

After all, we do know our dogs are never too old (or too small) to learn a few more new tricks.

Dog days of summer

He sits on the porch.

Next to me.

By my side.

While bemoaning the rain.

“Hi there, Pup.”

“Want a ride?”

Sure, it’s been a tough week.

And we’ve been very sad.

There is hate in this world.

That still gets us quite mad.

Yet my boy and I know.

There is also much love.

Can we find some this morning?

With a gift from above?

Well, it seems we just did.

Over there by the lake.

As the sun broke through clouds.

A sweet girl shared birthday cake.