Dog speak

Guess it’s black and white.
Some dogs speak just with their eyes.
Yet they say so much.


Dog days of summer

He sits on the porch.

Next to me.

By my side.

While bemoaning the rain.

“Hi there, Pup.”

“Want a ride?”

Sure, it’s been a tough week.

And we’ve been very sad.

There is hate in this world.

That still gets us quite mad.

Yet my boy and I know.

There is also much love.

Can we find some this morning?

With a gift from above?

Well, it seems we just did.

Over there by the lake.

As the sun broke through clouds.

A sweet girl shared birthday cake.

Boys and their toys

I’d told my dog Rex that I was concerned he wasn’t quite ready for therapy work due to those puppy like tendencies he still hasn’t outgrown.

Chewing being number one on the list.

Yet his vet and the volunteer coordinator at the care facility where he’s sorely needed weren’t concerned in the least.

So I splurged and bought my handsome man a fancy new plaid tie to wear while working for $6.00.

That’s more than I spent on my whole summer wardrobe.

Anyway I then reviewed with Rex the need to look presentable and to act responsibly in his important volunteer position.

Next I awarded him with his new piece of neckwear, sliding it slowly over his little head.

Rex immediately opened wide and sucked that whole silk tie into his mouth, with those tiny teeth in full glory noshing away.

That is until I slid it out.

And quickly gave it instead to brother Tuck the terrier commenting, “Hey Rex, this is no candy coated chew toy!!”

Rex is very lucky and seemed relieved that I’ll still be allowing him to make visits.

And if he does a really nice job maybe someday (or more likely some year) I might just try a bow tie instead.