Working dog

I could tell my chi Rex was excited for his job interview yesterday in spite of his refusal to wear his new plaid bow tie.

My boy’s going to be a working dog, volunteering for pet visits at two local care facilities.

I was feeling nervous for Rex when I felt a big burst of adrenaline race through his tiny 7 lb body as I carried him into the busy reception area for our appointment.

Yet he listened carefully to the roles and responsibilities of the job as they were described to us.

After our interview, Rex was anxious to show off his talents with puppy kisses and lap sitting as he met a few of the dog loving residents.

His performance was admirable.

With a high population of dog lovers at the facility, it sounds like Rex is going to be one busy boy.

Once home, I shared a news story with Rex regarding the the importance of animals to our aging population.

And particularly those afflicted with dementia.

“Hey Rex, just think how important your work and contributions will be here, and you’re the real deal!” I told him as I shared a bite of fruit pastry as a reward.

Licking raspberry jam off my fingers, Rex looked up at me and I’m sure I saw a smile on his face.

I believe my boy understands so much more than I’ll ever know.