This game called life

Ok, so here’s a true confession.

I almost dropped my bowling ball today.

Well, actually I almost dropped it twice.


Anyway, maybe it was because I haven’t played in over 25 years.

Or maybe it was due to the crispy coating from the chicken wings greasing my fingers.

I decided to take a quick break and study my four year old grandson’s technique for a while.

Today was the little guy’s big bowling debut.

I noticed he didn’t care that his bright orange ball bounced over to the next lane.

And he didn’t mind when the ball rolled back towards the pepperoni pizza tables either.

He wasn’t embarrassed in the least.

And he wasn’t wasting time making any lame excuses.

My youngest grandkid was just having fun.

In fact, he was busy ‘high five-ing’ the entire bowling alley.

Suddenly I was as well.

Though there may not have been any strikes for me this afternoon, I sure did score some smiles the rest of the day from my grandkids.

In this game called life, I’m thinking that surely makes me a winner.