A road without laughter

Laughter is something I don’t do well. Never have. And never will.

It’s not that I don’t like a hilarious episode of “Saturday Night Live.” I’m guaranteed to break into a smile when the skit’s about a politician. Smiles are something I definitely can do (just please don’t take my picture).

I have tried to make an effort to laugh more, even once taking a ‘Laughter Yoga’ class. But I found I was wasting my energy faking guffaws in a pen of hysterical hyenas.

Thank you, but I’ll take my yoga class with wind chimes instead of windbags please.

Taking a walk tonight, I wondered if it’s family health issues that still prevent me from laughing much these days.

Probably not as I don’t cry either, in spite of sadness for the homeless in the neighborhood near my job in the city.

Maybe I just choose to focus on gratitude instead of laughter.

And this day it’s about being thankful for the fall season, the colorful road ahead, and my ability to share a harvest time bounty with city neighbors who need it most.

They’ll be grateful as well.