Acts of kindness

I was ‘socked’ this week.

Meaning a wonderful friend in New York State mailed me a pair of bright and colorful socks as a gift.

There was no particular reason.

It wasn’t my birthday.

And this isn’t the first time she’s done so.

This New York friend did the same last winter and that thick pair of woolen socks felt pretty spectacular in our 30 below zero temps.

She’s one special lady.

And I’m lucky to know her.

I was also ‘jewelry-ed’ this week as well.

A co-worker had traveled back to her home country and upon return surprised me with a beautiful necklace and ring she’d purchased there.

Again, so unexpected and thoughtful.

And finally today I was ‘zuchini-ed”.

I’d visited briefly with a couple at a busy farmer’s market.

The husband carves handsome wooden birdhouses.

And the wife grows kale and makes jam for sale.

I’d already purchased both at a prior stand, but she insisted I just take one of her decorated and smiling zucchinis anyway.

I was happy to oblige and smiled right back.

Maybe surprise gifts come in threes?

If so, now it’s my turn.

I’m starting tomorrow.

And I know someone getting something very special.