Morning smiles

It’s a cloudy morning, but I sit on my sun porch in spite of the gray.

I soon put down a long ‘to do list’, trading it in for a short but soothing cup of lemon tea.

As I listen to hopping robins chirping with cheer, I hear too the background noise of soft snores coming from my senior corgi Maddie.

My chi mix Rex rests on my lap listening for any buzzing flies that circle round the screens.

He’ll rush in on the fun if he hears one.

Tuck, my terrier, is curled tightly in a ball at the base of a well loved and worn blue and white gingham throw covering the loveseat.

A much beloved summer spot as the breeze dances with the thin white drapes above it.

Suddenly three pairs of hopeful eyes glance up at me as I quietly peel the paper off my still warm blueberry muffin

I’m thinking the scent woke them up.

I share a bite and a belly rub with each of the happy pups.

Afterwards, I retreat to the bedroom to dress for my commute to work in a pair of casual cotton pants and jacket.

As I glance in the mirror before I leave, I notice in the reflection I’m also now sporting a smile.

I wonder if anyone on the busy freeway will notice.