A horse named Eddy

Worry’s been wearing me out lately.

It’s a nasty rash which only spreads into more worries, like lack of sleep.

So I chose to leave my city job early today for a country picnic with some old friends.

I was quickly greeted by several familiar faces in the pasture as I drove up.

Retired horses all, they’re aging gracefully and still galloping gleefully every afternoon.

One gentleman took a particular liking to me and began to follow me everywhere. I soon recognized him as a horse I’d ridden 10 years before.

Eddy was the first horse I’d learned to trust after being bucked off by a stallion as a child.

Looking into his soulful eyes again, I thought of a moving post I’d read earlier this week by artist and writer Maria Wulf. http://www.fullmoonfiberart.com/2014/08/18/horse-lesson/

In it, Maria spoke of horse lessons and trust.

I’m thinking Eddy’s still sharing his wisdom with me a decade later.

“Just trust my friend that all will be right in your world.”

You can bet on it Eddy, you can bet on it.