If I could talk to the animals

I’m no expert, but sometimes I think animals were put on earth to send us messages.

Take Floyd here, for example. I don’t know his real name but that’s how I greet him every time I walk past the bookstore window. He lives inside along with a couple of roosters and an occasional chinchilla.

Floyd looked quite disgusted at me early this morning and directed me over towards the gardening book display and a message.

“Dig in!” the sign proclaimed.

My friend Floyd’s right as usual. After our recent rains, my weeds are totally out of control.

Yet I dismissed his advice and continued walking towards the lake and through the park’s gardens.

That is until I noticed the ornate statute in front of me, with thick clouds behind as a backdrop.

Right atop the statute was another sign just for me from the animal kingdom.

This time from the noisy resident blackbird.

I call him Billy.

So Billy, perched on that old masterpiece, kept bobbing his head up and down. First, towards the ominous cloud, then down towards the exact location of my cottage.

I got the message and traveled home to pull my weeds before more raindrops give birth to the first mosquito.

I surely don’t need that tenacious creature bugging me with his biting comments.