Someone always loses their head at Halloween

My hair is a fright.
But do you think I care?
My old clothes are dirty.
And I’ve nothing to wear.
But hey, it’s the weekend.
I’m full of good cheer.
Or should I say, ‘was’?
As I’ve just felt a tear.
My little pumpkin friend, just met her demise.
That rascal, the squirrel, thought he was being so wise.
But if he’d waited a week, he’d have earned the sweetest treat.
10 pounds of chocolate kisses, a prize he could never beat.

Forever Young

So I’d been thinking of backing out of my next ’50 by 60′ bucket list item.

Just let it go, I thought.

It’s scheduled for Friday night.

Singing karaoke down at the VFW.

With me performing solo.

Now I’m really having trouble envisioning my self singing, let alone the song selected for me by a friend.

It’s Rod Stewart’s classic, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

And just in case you’re wondering, I don’t think so.

Anyway, I do admit my husband was a big fan of Rod’s.

But whatever possessed me to add karaoke to the list?

As I don’t particularly like to sing.

At least I don’t think I do.

And I don’t have much of a voice.

It’s more like a squeak.

And I doubt I have any ‘karaoke appropriate’ clothing.

Or do I?

Finally, being the center of attention on stage is just not my thing.

But before I sent a note to my friends canceling, one of them emailed me describing how excited she was for the big event.

So maybe that’s the point.

It should be exciting.

For my friends and for me.

And I know I’ll be laughing hysterically.

At myself, most of all.

And that’s a good thing.

I caught a reminder today of why having fun is so important.

I was sorting through Grandma’s old sheet music, listening to the radio, when two sad titles caught my eye:
“I’ll Never Smile Again” and “If I Had My Life to Live Over”.

It got me to thinking.

I’m still planning on smiling when the last train comes for me in my final days.

And I sure won’t be getting on board carrying any regrets.

Suddenly the DJ brought me back to the moment.

While proudly announcing that Rod Stewart will be performing here later in the weekend with Santana!

Hey, I wonder if he and Carlos are free to stop by for karaoke night?

I’m up for at least a duet for sure.

Either way, I’m thrilled they’ll be in town and the news inspired me to add yet another bucket list item.

Number 32.

First rock concert with granddaughter.

Should be a blast.

As she really loves music.

On the way over she can teach me the words to ‘Let it Go’, from the Disney movie Frozen.

And I’ll teach her the words to my favorite Rod Stewart song, ‘Forever Young’.