Change is in the air

What do you do when you’ve just heard your first Christmas commercial, though it’s only mid September?

You shake your head while acknowledging the seasons really are about to change.

I felt it this week in 90 degree temps as I sat on the beach watching green leaves transform to bright gold on the tree before me.

I suddenly found myself hungering for one more Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae before the stand closes up for the season.

And I started to linger even longer watching every last minute of each brilliant sunset.

It seems sunsets this time of year may just be even sweeter than ice cream.

Peace in a pasture

When you live in the midwest, you never take a warm autumn day for granted.

At least I don’t.

So I chose this Sunday to stop by a farm I’m very fond of to see some friends.

They immediately ran up the hill to greet me.

It was if I they had something to share.

So did I, but I spoke first.

“Hey friends, snow flurries are forecast for later this week!”

They took off in a tizzy, though still managed to share a couple of smiles.

As for me and their Newfie guard dog, we peacefully looked at the crimson and gold trees and sparking water below.

We weren’t going to waste even a minute with worry on this beautiful day.

“That’s what winter’s for, right?” I said to the Newfie.

I think he nodded in agreement.

He then very calmly nodded off.

And so did I.