Peace on a picnic

True confessions.

The plan was to relax at a yoga class after taking a few pictures for a photography class I’m completing.

My intentions were good.

But as usual, I was running behind. And you just don’t go into a yoga class late.

At least that’s what I told myself.

So that’s when I made the illegal u-turn.

Next to the police station.

But I had a good reason.

A marquee declared the old drive-in had just opened for the season.

In spite of two feet of snow remaining.

And it isn’t even spring yet.

But still, I was psyched.

The usual signs were up advertising “ice cold root beer” just like every year.

Though that happens now anyway if you leave a can in the snow for a minute.

Since it’s still below freezing.

But what matters is they’re open

Which means spring can’t be far behind.

I soon became one with my hamburger.

And my Diet Dr. Pepper.

Sitting with the old Subaru car door open.

In my good to 30 below parka.

And my “UGG”ed feet resting up on an old snow bank.

Guess I found peace after all.

On a picnic at 26 above.



How to play hooky successfully

You pick the last warm sunny day of the year when the leaves are in full splendor, knowing they’ll drop in 3 days when temps fall 30 degrees.

You get up early and pack a knapsack with some cash, a journal, the iPad, and a book. Today’s choice, a Thomas Merton paperback.

You take a long walk in in the trees, then the pasture, shooting every angle on beauty. And it’s everywhere to behold.

You see a sign that the old drive-in is closing for the season Saturday. You take a quick detour, and order a sloppy joe, almost as good as Mom’s.

You make another detour to take pictures of a Halloween display, and to stop at an art supply store, buying a azure blue pastel stick to draw with down at the lake.

You stop at the local indie bookstore for a a grandson’s first birthday gift.

You walk across to the ice cream store for just one more chocolate cone for the season.

And you settle in on a dock, gazing at the blue water, sketching.

Later, you pull out your book to read.

Eventually you rest your eyes for a few minutes, and smile.

Reflecting on a perfect day.