Walk a country mile

The ice around here has been cruel, but not the winter.

Yet both have taken a hiatus, at least for now.

Since its been a long while, I thought I’d walk a country mile.

My hunger for the smells, sights, and sounds of a rural spring were making me weak this morning.

And though our February thaw’s only a tease, I’ll take it.

I found myself leaving behind tax files on the kitchen table to deal with another day.

That day’s already penciled in for Saturday, when the snow and bitter cold’s expected to return.

After all, we know old man winter’s never been a pushover.

A little bit of help

Often I find a little bit of help where I least expect it.

Like today for example.

Driving down a country road I noticed a sunny farm with a sign reading “pumpkins for sale.” I pulled into the driveway to take a peek.

No one seemed to be around, but I started to look at the farmer’s bountiful harvest of treats anyway.

I quickly selected two small bright orange pumpkins for my front porch priced at just fifty cents a piece.

Surely there’s something else I need I thought, jingling the six quarters in my pocket.

I glanced around at the shiny yellow and green gourds, then walked towards a box of squash.

Bending down to pull out an acorn, I nearly missed the tiny kitten sunning herself next to it.

She seemed very pleased to see a customer.

Yet the kitty looked me straight in the eye and cocked her head.

What kind of trick was this, I wondered?

This feisty little bit of a feline appeared to disapprove of my squash selection.

She busily searched instead for the perfect butternut.

It didn’t take her long.

Kitty was soon proudly showing off the best of the bunch to me with a grin.

It was a particularly creamy colored butternut sporting nature’s best twirly dried vine.

What a great cat toy that vine will make, I thought.

“A little play with the critters while cooking is purfect!” I told my new friend.

Kitty seemed to smile again, pointing her left front paw towards the coin box to pay for my goodies.

I smiled too, thinking what a great treat it was to be waited on by a cat as I paid for my treats.