Joy break

I haven’t left my office building at lunchtime for weeks due to the cold. But today I ventured forth under gray skies to to mail some Valentines.

On my way back I stopped at a florist shop just for the free smells and to spot some bright colors. Scrounging in my parka pockets while walking through the displays, I found I still had a couple of dollars left in coins.

I walked out of the shop with a spray of daisy mums and greenery, carefully wrapped up for $1.67.
No wonder the shop is still around 100 years after opening if they put smiles on customers’ faces like they did on mine.

When I returned to my cubicle, a co-worker helped me put my small bouquet on a riser. Soon other employees started to stop by, one by one, to see the hint of color they’d spotted off in the distance. And also to appreciate the scent they knew went with it.

“Why it spells like spring again!” one said excitedly.

My loose change went far in buying a few minutes of joy for so many.

I call that one good investment on a winter’s day.