Hamburgers, humor and hope

Hate and grief in this country have worn us all down this week.

And I’ve found myself irritable and lacking patience for most everyone.

Today I left work early enough to see November sunshine warming the shoulders of several smiling senior veterans leaving a nearby Applebees’s.

I smiled too once I saw the restaurant’s sign proclaiming ‘free meals for soldiers’ who had served our nation through their military commitments.

Smiles have definitely been a rare and precious commodity this week.

Returning home right after,  I checked my email and Facebook messages.

I immediately noticed the posts and pictures honoring vets today had won in a landslide over the nasty negativity earlier in the week.

I smiled yet again.

Tonight I’ll be studying up on some of my Dad’s letters sent home during WWII.

And I’ll amuse myself with all those cartoons he scribbled on the envelopes.

He seemed to learn long ago that humor can get you through almost anything.

Maybe that’s a lesson I can finally learn as well.