Do Ewoks snore?

I admit I’ve never been a big Star Wars fan, but I agree that my pup Rex could be part Ewok.

I often get stopped when Rex and I are out walking.

“Hey, love that boy’s Mohawk,” one smiling man told us today as we jogged towards the lake adding, “but what exactly is he, anyway?”

“A bit of chihuahua mixed with who knows what, though Ewok or terrier have been suggested,” I answered.

The man soon confessed that he’d seen all the Star Wars movies and was confident my little handsome man clearly had to be an Ewok mix.

I do know that Ewoks tend to be hunter-gatherers and like simple dwellings.

And I’ve learned my Rex LOVES to hunt for flies, gather squeaky toys, and stockpile all in his simple crate.

I’ve also heard that Ewoks are very curious types.

Today my ‘Curious Rex’ was dragging me by the leash all around the 3 mile lake, the big blooming rose garden, and to all his favorite stands at the local Farmer’s Market.

He sure loved those free samples.

Tonight Rex is very tired.

He is snuggling on my lap just like a little cuddly teddy bear.

Did I mention that Ewoks resemble cuddly teddy bears?

Except my Ewok has now fallen asleep and is starting to snore.


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