Peace blooms

Looking for some cheer?
Let’s plant deep our seeds of hope.
Peace blooms in our dreams.

Peace in small packages

In a world full of hate,
some still get along.

By helping each other,
and hearing their songs.

So what if we’re different,
there’s still much to share.

Thus bringing us closer,
by showing we care.

Peace brings us great comfort,
much more so than toys.

Lets bury the loathing,
and scratch out real joy.

Some days you just have to look up

I was tired and cranky as I slowly drove into the garage after work last night.

It had been trash pick up day, and my empty garbage can and recycling bin still needed to be dragged back up to the house.

“I’ll just take care of it in the morning,” I muttered to myself.

But then I noticed my recycling bin had been more than kicked to the curb, and was blocking part of the road.

Irritated at the trash man, I sauntered down the driveway back towards the bin and garbage can.

When I bent down to pick up the bin, something caught my eye up in the sky.

It was a brilliant sunset that stopped me in my tracks.

Fiery shades of red and orange at first, it quickly melted into pastels of pinks and blues.

I took a quick picture, though it fell a bit short of capturing the majestic display in the sky.

But fortunately some of my Facebook friends caught it, and their shots quickly bloomed like sorely needed flowers in my newsfeed.

What a gift, I thought.

I’ll never look at garbage day quite the same.

And I believe it’s just replaced Friday as my favorite day of the week.