January’s for the dogs

“What’s up, Maddie?” I asked my solemn looking corgi this morning as I joined her down on the floor next to the dog bed.

Lame, this sweet girl’s over 94 in dog years. I’m trying to keep an extra eye on her to make sure she’s cozy in these cold winter months.

“Is it a case of the post holiday blues?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t something more.

She seemed to nod, and then pointed her wet nose towards the cupboard where the dog treats are stored.

“Maybe you’re missing those red and green rawhide candy canes Santa brought Christmas Eve?”

I turned around to find Maddie adorned once again in her favorite holiday halo, looking hopeful.

Apparently I was right.

But I knew those candy canes were long gone.

I had to get creative.

“Maddie, you’re such a turkey. How about half a sandwich of the same?”

Though my girl’s a Welsh Corgi, her adopted heritage is Swedish, so I added some left over holiday ligonberries just to sweeten her mood.

Maddie gobbled it down in record speed, licking her lips.

“Was it good?” I inquired.

Maddie gave me her best ‘you betcha” smile as she drifted dreamily into another one of her long winter’s naps.

And I soon did the same.


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