Never too old to be young

She’s lived two years longer than most corgis.

Though my sweet Maddie’s lame.

Last winter she’d fly through the snow with her strong front legs, ignoring those weak ones beind.

But this year’s different.

Her front legs are tired, and her eyes now wear the same expression.

After last night’s snowfall, I broke trail this morning while carrying Maddie outside.

I gently placed my girl down in her favorite spot to ‘take care of business.’

Maddie looked cold and started to shiver, in spite of her heavy dense coat.

I was saddened to see she’s no longer a fan of winter like she’s been each year before.

After leading my shorter haired pups back into the warm kitchen, I returned outside to carry Maddie in to join them.

But I noticed her shivering had stopped.

While I was gone, it seemed Maddie had rediscovered one of her favorites rites of winter.

Catching big, white snowflakes on her tongue.

I quickly joined on in.

How could I not?

I keep hoping Maddie and I will never be too old to be young.


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