Stinkin Cute

I reminded Rex today that he’s booked to make some pet visits this weekend at the local care facility.

Rex immediately broke into a happy dance.

And then I told him, “I hear they think you’re pretty ‘stinkin cute’!”

Suddenly I noticed Rex was sulking.

And the curtain fell on that happy dance.

Rex scurried to the kitchen and sought solace for a while from his cozy checkered dog bed.

He wasn’t talking.

I didn’t even hear a yip.

I was puzzled.

But then I remembered I used the word “stink” while giving him baths after catching him playing in the mud after recent heavy rains.

Baths are not his idea of a good time.

“Hey, Rex. ‘Stinkin cute’ is just an expression. Consider them terms of endearment!”

With that, Rex began to dance again down the hall in search of his dog eared bow tie for his date with the senior ladies.


2 thoughts on “Stinkin Cute

    • Aah, thanks Joy. Rex is a pretty smart little fellow.

      I’ll admit he was stinkin’ cute today on our visit. We both got stuck in the rain and Rex did have little of that wet dog aroma as we walked in the door.

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