Lessons from the dog

Breakfast comes just once a day.
Although my pup thinks it’s two.
He follows me with eyes of hope.
While looking a little blue.

So I relent and give him my eggs.
Receiving a smile in return.
My boy’s so smart, he gets what he wants.
Is this a new trick I might learn?

Dog days of summer, continued

I’m blaming it on the full moon.

At 2:30 this morning, I awoke to brillant moonbeams streaming through my bedroom window.

I’ve found that even if I wiggle just one toe at night, each of my pups will follow suit with the vigorous shake of a paw or two, and the perfect downward dog yoga pose.

But I was reluctant to take my canine crew outside so early.

I’ve been working hard to get them back on schedule ever since a recent farm visit where they were up crooning even earlier than the chickens.

“Hey guys, this early morning energy is nothing to crow about,” I’d barked at them just the night before.

So I decided I’d move to a small black couch in my dark living room for a little more shut eye. Terrier Tuck and chi mix Rex jumped up to join me, squeezing in by my two big feet.

Soon we were snoring away once again.

At least the dogs were.

That is until my sleepy senior Maddie, started some corgi complaining from the kitchen.

She’d eyed the three of us from her dog bed and looked to be lonesome.

Knowing there was no room on the couch for my lovely lame lady, I did what most loving dog owners would do.

I moved again down to the cool tiles of the kitchen floor right next to Maddie, scratching her belly until she fell back to sleep with a big smile on her face.

I slept as well.

And I’m pretty sure I was smiling just as wide.