Dog days of summer

He sits on the porch.

Next to me.

By my side.

While bemoaning the rain.

“Hi there, Pup.”

“Want a ride?”

Sure, it’s been a tough week.

And we’ve been very sad.

There is hate in this world.

That still gets us quite mad.

Yet my boy and I know.

There is also much love.

Can we find some this morning?

With a gift from above?

Well, it seems we just did.

Over there by the lake.

As the sun broke through clouds.

A sweet girl shared birthday cake.


4 thoughts on “Dog days of summer

    • Thanks Candy. He surely is. And he loved his cake!

      By the way, the morning got even better after I wrote this. The sky turned blue. A sailboat regatta began before us. And over to the right in a bandshell, a church choir started singing “Amazing Grace.”

      How sweet were those sounds…

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