Harvest of peace

We rock away our worries from a chair and old porch swing.
My view’s a field of drying hay.
And hers, of chicks that sing.
She left a city full of woe where no one gets along.
It seems those birds know more than us when breaking into song.
They chant of peace, the plant we crave to feed each hungry soul.
I pray we harvest a bumper crop before there’s a bigger toll.

2 thoughts on “Harvest of peace

  1. She is so beautiful, Jackie! Rex looks quite at home on her lap. ☺️
    I’m with you. I hope peace prevails.
    This has got to stop. A friend called last night to say both bridges were blocked last night going over the Mississippi; no getting in or out of Memphis for quite some time. That is frightening.
    Love you and your words of peace. Keep them coming!

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