When your job is joy

My dog Rex woke up this morning with spiked hair and a little bleary eyed.

“What’s up with that that?” I asked him.

Rex uttered a subdued growl in response.

I turned on the local news for him while I put on the coffee.

Rex clearly was needing a shot of caffeine himself.

“Remember Rex, we’ve got some training to do later tonight,” I told him as I walked into the kitchen.

This time I detected a yawn.

I ‘m anxious to get my handsome man fully trained to be a therapy dog, but wasn’t feeling ‘the love’ from Rex for the idea at 5:00 a.m.

But when I returned with my coffee mug and a small saucer for him, I found Rex energized watching a special story involving a special dog.

I sat down to join him.


Afterwards, I told him, “Regarding your training, you’ve been doing well. I think you’re almost ready to start your visits.

“But there’s one more thing, the spiked hair’s gotta go.”

Rex slowly raised his head and looked up at me.

And I know this time, I clearly detected a smile.


7 thoughts on “When your job is joy

  1. I love the page for Dusty to go bye bye! Rex will bring a lot of joy to so many. he looks smart enough to learn his job quickly and well. Can’t wait to hear of some stories.

  2. Rex is in dire need of a makeover. You need to take him to dog groomer!!!!! He could have a spiked ‘DO’ AND THEN TRIM THOSE SIDEBURNS. He would be a handsome dude then!!

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