Terms of endearment

I thought I needed a morning treat before starting on taxes this morning.

Like breakfast at the local diner.

But fear of a big tax bill redirected me to an old dog eared box of Raisin Bran.

Besides, I had three sets of eyes begging me to linger a little longer.

Canine companions can be very convincing.

I soon slid down to join them on the floor, my left hand holding a steaming coffee mug, and my right one ready for some serious belly scratching.

I got to thinking as I sat that my second hand dogs have all come with ready made names. And every one of them’s remained as they’ve suited each pup.

Though nicknames were always fast followers.

Terms of endearment I like to think, given by myself, friends and family.

Sweet Maddie, my senior corgi, has been blessed with three: ‘Mad-A-Dog’, ‘Maddie Moo Moo’, and ‘Bum Bum Girl’.

The third of them granted by my late husband in honor of (and humored by), author/artist Tasha Tudor. She used to comment on her corgis’ prominent posteriors and how the way they sashayed while walking was “almost indecent”.

And oh, by the way, Maddie can sashay with the best of them.

Terrier Tucker, my senior Yorkie has also been granted three nicknames: ‘Tuck’, ‘Tuckmeister,” and ‘Tummy Tuck’. The last nickname a gift from me.

The first day Tucker came home from the rescue group’s transport, he jumped up on my rather rotund warm belly while I napped away on the couch.

It’s still his favorite spot to snooze.

And then there’s my newest chi-mix pup Rex. He’s already gained three extra names in his first three months here: ‘Handsome Man’, ‘Rexy’, and ‘Sexy Rexy’.

Just so you know, that third name came from a girl friend.

She’s a real cougar.

Anyway the dogs seem to like their nicknames almost as much as their crunchy daily treats.

I’m glad the crew and I had our little coffee party this morning.

They all loved their belly scratching.

But I’m finally off to get busy on those taxes.

And I see Maddie’s busy as well, trying to teach the other two how to sashay as they make their way back to their respective dog beds.

Good dog, Bum Bum Girl.

Good dog.



2 thoughts on “Terms of endearment

  1. Well, Jackie, I’m glad to hear this and to know that I’m not the only one. My Merlin is better know at home by Mom-ma, Bobby, and Merli, and Averill by Lady Girl, Sally, and Shick-a-Polly…don’t ask. I don’t know why, but they answer to anything. Nice post.

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