Finding our bliss

I awakened a few hours ago to a backache, a migraine and a broken thermometer.

Was this the start of flu, I wondered? But I dragged myself off to work anyway.

I am on a break right now and just stopped home to let out my canine crew.

I watch in awe of the simple gifts bringing these dogs joy while they investigate the backyard.

The smells of a thawing earth as my lame corgi Maddie rolls in the mud. As a senior girl, she’s seasoned at finding the sweetest scents around.

The sight of a fallen stick from the birch overhead catches Tucker the terrier’s eye. His once neurotic fear of the garbage truck visit ten minutes before is now a distant memory.

The taste of tiny dog treats falling from my torn pocket is chi mix Rex’s first shot at alfresco dining. Today he licks his lips in approval, ignoring the gaze of the hungry lab next door who typically terrorizes him.

The spring sounds of my backyard’s cardinal chorus puts a smile on my face as I raise it to the sun. My headache fading fast in the warmth of every ray.

Preparing to return to work again, I take two aspirin as insurance. But I won’t really need it.

My dogs are showing me by example that a little backyard therapy will surely conquer all.

Or at least most.


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